Notary Professionals and More

If you have ever needed to sign a legal document in front of a witness, it’s possible that you visited a notary public who signed and stamped a document to prove that you did so. Did you know, however, that one of the things a notary will do is to try to ensure that when you signed that document, you did it of your own free will, and weren’t being forced or coerced to do so?

Also, did you know that this official witness is not supposed to have any personal interest in those documents you are signing? That’s right! They are supposed to be totally impartial! So, before you go running off to Uncle Joe, who happens to be a notary, and ask him to witness your signature on something, it would be best to go to a notary who is NOT related to you.

The reason is that the impartiality needs to be preserved – and if you’re related to the notary, there is always a chance that it could look like he or she might stand to have something to gain by witnessing a family member’s transactions.

Hopefully, your Uncle Joe would understand, and if he didn’t…well, he probably shouldn’t be a notary public to begin with!

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